Special security

Avail Special security in Kolkata with professional lady security guards

Gain Maintenance and Security (GMS) is one of the top most security service providers that understands the requirements of top level management and other High Net worth Individuals (HNI) in terms of Special-Security in Kolkata. What they need is dedicated security services providing round-the-clock protection that is effective yet discreet.

Personal Bodyguards

We can assign our highly-trained bodyguards to high-profile clients who need personal security. Our bodyguards stay with their clients at all times escorting them to meetings and on travel. For them, client security is the top priority. They are naturally perceptive in detecting possible threats and are adequately prepared for any challenge. We provide personal bodyguard service on demand to our valued and exclusive clients. Our personal security staff is carefully selected and subjected to a thorough background check before hiring. Many of our bodyguards have previous army background and are completely reliable.


GMS provides Special-Security in Kolkata pertaining to clubs and restaurants which require crowd management from time to time. Our bouncers work in high-stress situations where they are required to manage unruly crowds and restrict their entry into night clubs and other public places for socializing. Bouncers are also in demand in multiplexes and stand-alone theatres. Our bouncers have been working for businesses across India. Our reputation as a reliable security service provider has been greatly enhanced by our bouncers. They are highly trained personnel, able to keep their calm in potentially volatile situations and offer steady security to you and your assets.

Lady Security Guard

GMS also fulfill your need of lady security guard in Kolkata. Our lady guards are very well behaved and polite and always provide effective support to the women folk in the residential and commercial properties. They are of great help whenever the requirement is to check the women and frisking their belongings and always make sure that the individual should always feel at ease in their company.

Why GMS:

  • Highly trained personnel specialising in the job
  • Ability to work round-the-clock when necessary
  • Ability to operate firearms in critical situations
  • Never say die attitude

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