Residential Security

GMS: Your apt service provider of residential security in Kolkata

Residential Security

Security is a matter of proper planning and correct execution. Be it individual homes, villas and bungalows or residential complexes, Gain Maintenance and Security (GMS) provides consultation services for the correct security placements and their deployment. Depending on the size of your property, the risks that it carries and the vulnerable points, we offer the appropriate residential security in Kolkata by placing the necessary number of security personnel to man your property 24×7.

Trust our expertise

We use our expertise in the business to point out the exact positions that are in need of surveillance. With large residential complexes fast covering the city map, security concerns have reached the zenith. People and vehicles need to be continually checked and credentials verified before they can make an entry into the buildings to reduce potential risks to residential security in Kolkata.

Courteous yet firm

Our trained personnel are capable of spotting irregular movements and suspicious activities stepping in to remove the source of any threat. Alert and vigilant, security personnel from GMS are also courteous and gentle in their approach. While not offending potential guests, our security personnel know just how to clear all security procedures.

Why GMS:

  • Fully trained & updated on all types of security concerns and threats.
  • Round the clock reliable security.
  • Ability to use the latest security gadgets/devices.
  • Courteous yet firm putting client safety first.

Whether it is round the clock patrolling of your residential campus or manning the pivotal entrance points, GMS security guard services will provide you with the perfect vigilance solution ensuring a full-proof residential security in Kolkata.