Electronic surveillance

Electronic surveillance

Appoint a virtual eye with Electronic surveillance in Kolkata

A foolproof security is incomplete without precise Electronic Surveillance in Kolkata to complement the manning of the human guards. To build up an effective security system, GMS carries out an extensive survey of the premises and advises placing of electronic surveillance systems in precise points. Be it your private residence, large residential complexes, public institutions, commercial establishments or places of special events, GMS has the know-how of the latest electronic device used often.

State-of-the-art device use

We provide enhanced security solutions that include the deployment of state-of-the-art electronic devices to provide 24×7 sharp surveillance. At GMS, our security personnel are trained to make correct and optimal use of Video Surveillance Cameras, Metal Detectors and Access Cards to ensure seamless security.

24×7 sharp surveillance

Currently, we are engaged in providing 24×7 electronic surveillance in Kolkata along with security guard services to large corporate employing hundreds of people. We make sure that each corner of the working establishment is under the hawk’s vigilance of the trained guards who never miss out on any inappropriate move. To ensure the highest degree of security coverage, we make use of gadgets and devices of the highest standards to guarantee 100 percent safety to our clients.

Alarm system monitoring

GMS also provides alarm monitoring that facilitates communication between your home or commercial establishment security systems and the service provider’s workstation. The moment a threat of any kind is traced, the service provider automatically gets an alarm. This enables authorities to act upon the situation immediately and minimize the effects of the threat.

Why GMS:

  • Use of state-of-the-art electronic surveillance devices
  • Trained people use them at critical points
  • 24×7 electronic surveillance complementing human guards
  • Sharp and diligent humans use and maintain them

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