Commercial Security

Commercial Security

Your Perfect partner in offering Commercial Building Security in Kolkata

Commercial establishments are among the most vulnerable places in the current world with thousands of people being present at the same time. Security in a matter of fine planning, coordination and execution where each corner of the property and its surroundings being in coordination with each other. Malls, individual shops, banks, offices and related establishments each have external as well as internal security concerns. The GMS specialists can help you in placing the guards in the right places complementing it with electronic surveillance for a foolproof Commercial Building Security in Kolkata.

Banks and high-end establishments

Our security personnel are trained to handle specific security needs of commercial centers like where there is large transaction of cash like banks, jewelry shops and high-end product stores. These places are usually marked as high-risk places and our security personnel are especially trained to handle security issues in such places. ATM points have turned out to be places of great security concern that our security guards have been manning with precision.

Public events and gatherings

Corporate events, social gatherings, festival crowds and concert audience can be soft-targets of any anti social group. We have the manpower resources with the necessary skills to cover the security concerns of all such places. Large-scale deployment of guards needs skillful management and careful supervision of the personnel for effective security coverage. Our teams are led by experienced supervisors that help connect all corners seamlessly and offer the best of services related to Commercial Building Security in Kolkata.

Female security guards

GMS takes pride in deploying its team of deft lady security guards that are pressed into service after intensive training. With offices and commercial establishments adopting women-friendly policies, employing female security personnel is indispensable. Be it for the physical checking and frisking or checking of bags and belongings, our women security guards are always polite and helpful and never forget to make you feel at ease.

Why GMS:

  • Customised security personnel deployment
  • Trained lady security guards
  • Ability to address specific security concerns
  • Professional, helpful and polite

Trust GMS for your Commercial Security issues and see the difference we make!