Have trust on the best security guard company in Kolkata and you are secured24X7

There is a feeling of reassurance in the thought that you are safe right now!

We understand how important your peace of mind is. We also understand that this peace comes from knowing that your home and business are safe from any danger. We want you to focus on growing your business without having to constantly look over your shoulder. Similarly, when you are at home, we want you to enjoy quality time with family knowing that there are people protecting you and keeping you fortified from all external harms.

Gain Maintenance and Security (GMS) is a well-known name in the security and facility management industry. Your safety is the top priority of the company which has established itself as a well known security guard company in Kolkata. Whether it’s your residential complex that needs to be secured or commercial properties like malls or office buildings that need surveillance, our security solutions cover all aspects of safety, you can lean on us, one of the most dependable security guard provider company in Kolkata.

We follow a stringent hiring policy for our staff. Our security personnel are fully trained and include ex-servicemen with extensive experience in defense. We put our staff through an intensive training process before assigning them to a job. This ensures our clients get the best people to looking after their security.

GMS provides 3 main levels of security

  1. Residential Security
  2. Commercial Security
  3. Special Security

In addition to these, we provide

  1. Electronic Surveillance
  2. Fire Security

We are always ready to serve you better and welcome you to the friendly security guard company in Kolkata.