Gain Maintenance and Security Pvt. Ltd. (GMS) is a premier security and facility management company. We serve a wide range of clients across all the major industry verticals. Our service is our USP and it is the quality of our service that has made us the number 1 choice for customers across the country.

We hire a workforce of highly-trained and diligent personnel who can be deployed at commercial, residential and public properties. We are proud of our security services and confident of our maintenance and housekeeping solutions.We follow a stringent hire and train policy that is very effective in bringing the best security solutions to our clients. We appoint ex-servicemen and retired defense personnel who work with hardcore disciplinarian ethics.

Your safety is our business. Our comprehensive security solutions make sure you have 100% protection whatever your business.


Power plants are highly sensitive to security threats. Gain Security and Maintenance Pvt. Ltd. (GMS) provides robust solutions to meet the rising security demands of power plants across the country. We aim to provide protection not only to the power station area but also to the individuals and infrastructure involved in the generation of electricity. We undertake guarding of substations, electric poles and towers, wires, transformers, and all related components of the power plant.

Our services are designed to help the smooth functioning of power stations right from generation of power to transmission and distribution through the power grids and electricity substations. Our work includes prevention of theft and any damage to property through vandalism.

GMS has proved its efficiency to become your trusted security service provider.

Telecom is a multi-billion dollar industry today with a huge market in India. The nation has become a hub for all the major telecom providers like Vodafone, Telenor, AT&T and MTS, with newer companies still joining the fold.

This booming industry naturally faces various security threats. GMS offers extensive support to service providers from telecom. We use the latest video surveillance technology to prevent theft and other criminal activities that hamper the work of these companies.

Besides providing on-site surveillance services, GMS also uses patrol cars to guard the surrounding areas of telecom centres.

This infrastructure-related industry faces grave security threats that need to be addressed to ensure the smooth running of projects. GMS has customized solutions to protect existing and upcoming transportation services in the country.

From road transport to the aviation industry and from railways to the metro rail system, GMS provides top-notch security and safety services to all transport systems in the country. We take care of the infrastructure, passengers, and employees. We have been consistently successful in earning the trust of our clients, their employees, and customers.

At Gain Maintenance and Security Pvt. Ltd (GMS), we understand how important it is to provide safe and cost-effective delivery facilities for logistic items. This is a huge responsibility which is paramount to the functioning of business. We serve our clients across multiple domains. Our existing infrastructure is undergoing some massive upgrades at present, and we are sure to come up as a security provider to those who are involved in the field of port and logistic delivery. We deliver punctually, and are careful of any faults or negligence.

The real estate market is booming in India at present as premium, new townships are coming up at the most valuable locations across the country. The real estate industry comprises of residential, commercial, and retail spaces. Naturally, these high-valued real estate projects need top-notch security and surveillance services.

GMS fills this need with customized security and facility management solutions for various retail estate projects. GMS is managed by expert professionals who have earned a great reputation in their respective domains. They work hard to meet all the standards of high-quality services without any compromises. We put the best professionals and technology together to guarantee your peace of mind.

So if you need to safeguard your valued asset, give us a call and rest assured that your property will be in the best hands.

Educational institutions are among the most sensitive areas that need security. For parents, their children’s security is the top priority. It is very important that a school or college has the proper security arrangements in place to provide maximum safety for students while they are away from home.

At Gain Maintenance and Security Pvt. Ltd, we understand the growing requirement of top-class security in educational institutions. Our professional security guards, armed guards, and vigilance officers have the right skills and technical expertise to provide complete security. We are trusted by some of the leading schools, colleges, and universities in West Bengal and other states in the country.

Healthcare is one of the biggest industries in India at present with staggering footfall numbers at hospitals and nursing homes every day. Managing such large numbers of visitors while providing uninterrupted health care facilities, is a huge task. It requires the involvement of professionally trained security personnel who possess the necessary skills and physical ability to handle any adverse situation.

Gain Maintenance and Security Pvt. Ltd. (GMS) is primarily engaged in providing reliable security services at leading healthcare institutions in Kolkata, West Bengal. Our security professionals are well aware of the protocols, and that is why they are rated as the best security providers in the state. Our special services in healthcare institutions include managing visitors, handling the access control, and overseeing all matters related to the smooth functioning of the hospital. Additionally, our staff provides dedicated housekeeping services at several nursing homes and hospitals, following strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene.


One of the biggest industries in the country is Iron and Steel. While development of this industry is fundamental to the growth of our economy, it is imperative to secure these sectors with the best security systems available.

Gain maintenance and security Pvt. Ltd. is a Kolkata-based security and facility management company. GMS specializes in allotting experienced and trained security personnel for providing robust protection to the steel & heavy industries. We have a huge list of satisfied clients who benefited from our service. Besides security, GMS provides housekeeping and maintenance services as well.

The potential growth of Indian food industry in world food trade is immense. It is expected that there will be an annual growth of 11 percent in Food & Beverage industries by 2018. The ministry of food processing industries is making necessary efforts to attract more foreign investment in this sector.

Moreover, the development of Food & beverage industry will ultimately benefit the farmers of the country. This indicates the importance of this industry in the overall development of the country. So the security system for all related resources is very important. The government body allots the responsibility to safeguard these resources to local security service providers.

Gain maintenance and security Pvt. Ltd. has a vast experience in providing security to the Food & Beverage industry. Our highly-trained team of security personnel ensures that all the threats and hindrance faced by the client is effectively dealt with. Our headquarters are in Kolkata and we operate out of here to serve the rest of the country. Apart from offering services in Security, GMS provides assistance in the housekeeping and maintenance.

The Indian auto industry accounts for 7.1 percent of the total GDP of the country. India ranks 11th in the international passenger car market. With Automobile claiming such a large share of the national market, it’s essential to provide the best security system to this sector. Many automobile enterprises are operated by private companies. It’s the responsibility of these companies to make their security policy stronger.

Gain maintenance and security Pvt. Ltd has been providing security services to automobile clients across the country. We are a Kolkata based company providing highly-trained professionals for the security of auto industries. We can also provide our maintenance services to any automobile firm in India. We are committed to achieving 100% client satisfaction.

The construction industry in India is considered the bridging sector because it has significant effect on other industries as well. The construction sector is an important part of the Indian economic system, as any loss or gain in this sector has a noticeable influence on GDP. Every year, massive amounts of money and land are invested for construction. Therefore, there is a need for proper security systems in this industry which is particularly prone to threats.

Gain Maintenance and Security Pvt. Ltd is one of the best security providing companies in India. We have extensive experience of providing security and other maintenance services in the construction industry. GMS allots its team of security personnel on construction sites and their offices to tackle any potential threats. Our satisfied clients from all over the country have benefited from our services. GMS also provides services in the pantry, cleaning, and maintenance departments.

It is expected that by the year 2020, the total investment the Engineering sector will surpass 1.1 trillion USD. Taking the importance of engineering sector into consideration, it’s very important to give a high level of maintenance and security to this industry. For the continuous development in any field, everyday challenges and threats have to be encountered. It is the prime duty of the authority to tackle any obstacles.

Gain Maintenance and Security Pvt Ltd allot its best security personnel for safeguarding engineering industries. GMS operates from its Kolkata-based headquarters in all the states of India.

The contribution of chemical industry in the national Gross domestic product is about three percent. The oil and gas sector is one of the major sectors of India and has a crucial contribution to the economy. Chemical industry manufactures petrochemicals, paint, fertilizer, paint, varnishes, pharmaceuticals, toiletries and many other commercial products.

Chemical industries require high-level security to tackle any day-to-day challenges and threats.

Gain Maintenance and Security Pvt Ltd is a Kolkata –based Security Provider Company which offers the best maintenance services in the chemical & industrial gases sector. GMS has an experienced team of security personnel responsible for safeguarding the security of our clients.

The contribution of the paper is undeniable, especially in print media which uses 1.2 million tons of paper every year.

Proper security in this sector will give a boost to the paper industry and increase its contribution to the country’s economy. This sector is responsible for employing 0.12 million peoples directly. When so many resources are involved in the paper industry, it’s imperative to provide a proper maintenance and security system.

Gain maintenance and security Pvt. Ltd offers its best assistance in the paper industry. GMS is a trusted name in security providing market. Our esteemed clients have benefitted from our services. Headquarter of the company is in Kolkata, from where it operates across the country. Apart from security GMS also provides services in other fields like the pantry, cleaning, and maintenance.

The cement industry is directly related to the infrastructure and construction industries. There are about 130 major cement manufacturing companies in the country with an annual production of about 165 million tons. The growth in this industry is very likely because of government investment on large projects.

It’s because of the government initiatives that cement industry can expect to manufacture 150 million tons of cement in the future. The security system in cement industry is very crucial since so much is at stake. Cement companies face many problems and challenges related to security and other maintenance in their factories and offices which hamper overall production.

Gain maintenance and security Pvt. Ltd has been providing premium security services to tackle any threats in cement industry. GMS has the best team of security personnel who have enough experience in the industry. Apart from security services GMS also provides assistance in the pantry, cleaning, and maintenance departments.

Corporate & Recreational

We deposit our life savings in a bank because we have full faith in its security. It is the top priority of a bank to keep these assets safe and expose it to minimum risk. People expect to feel safe inside bank premises since these visits usually involve carrying sums of money. The brand value of any bank depends on its security system. A bank holding big cash automatically becomes a sensitive target for security threats, so it’s crucial to safeguard them.

Gain Maintenance and Security Pvt. Ltd. provides premium security in the banking sector. GMS is one of the most trusted names in the security service provider market. We provide high security for ATM replenishment, cash transit, and on-site security in bank premises. The company has highly-trained professionals to provide 100% security to a bank and its money. GMS has been the first choice of many institutions for complete security and maintenance.

The most valuable entity in today’s world is ‘information.’ Data protection is the top priority of media houses around the world. Because of the sensitive nature of data used by the media, the industry is often prone to external threats and violence.

Gain Maintenance and Security Pvt. Ltd provides high-level security and management services for all kind of threat in the media industry. We have a team of highly trained professionals for dealing with challenges in the media sector. The company headquarters and operational centre is located in Kolkata with a long list of satisfied clients across India.

India is the biggest information technology giant in the world. A huge section of the Indian youth is part of IT industry. Indian companies, as well as multinational corporations, have established their branches in many Indian cities. The brand value of any IT company depends on their safety policy.

GMS provides the best safety and management system for IT companies. We value the safety of each and every firm and believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Apart from security GMS provides services in maintenance, pantry, and cleaning departments. When it comes to security, we never compromise on quality. The primary focus of the company is to set high levels of safety standards in the IT sector. Our unmatched quality of services is offered at very affordable rates.

Like every firm, insurance companies too face various security challenges. Insurance has become one of the primary support systems in case of potential loss. Since the insurance industry involves dealing with the savings of thousands of people, they have to ensure full security of this money. A company holding people’s money has to keep a good security system around their offices or other sites.

Gain maintenance and security Pvt. Ltd is a Kolkata based security and facility management company. We have earned the reputation of being one of the top security providers to insurance companies. GMS has the best people who are trained with extensive experience to serve you.

Sporting events are particularly sensitive to security threats. Robust security management arrangements must be put in place at sporting events to avoid any untoward incident. A thorough inspection and management of crowds in a systematic manner will help in minimizing these threats. Moreover, for any important game, the sports authorities need security to control large, aggressive crowds. It is the responsibility of the sports authorities to assure optimal safety of viewers.

Gain maintenance and services Pvt. Ltd specializes in securing sports events. The company provides the most systematic and well-managed security system in India. GSM headquarters is located in Kolkata and has satisfied clients across the country.

India is a treasure trove of historical monuments with millions of people visiting these sites every year. Ensuring proper security at these sites in crucial to ensure the safety of tourists as well as the heritage premises themselves. GMS security personnel; undertake full security of these tourist sites. Their duties include safeguarding the monument, preventing tourists from entering particular areas and crowd management.

Numerous historical buildings have turned into ruin due to lack of proper maintenance, so it’s our duty to take care of the remaining monuments. GMS values the need of securing our monuments by providing premium security systems. Our reputation in the field of maintenance and security is unmatched. Apart from security we provide services in the housekeeping, and maintenance.

The retail sector has emerged as one of the most significant industries in India and is the 5th largest in the world. The possibility of growth in retail has increased due to significant foreign investments. Considering the present market scenario, security of this sector is vital. There is a large exchange of money and other services in retail, so it becomes the prime duty of the concerned authorities to safeguard these transactions.

Gain maintenance and security Pvt. Ltd. is a Kolkata-based security service provider. It has been providing security to the retail sector with utmost care. Our team of highly trained security personnel makes sure that the retail sector does not face any challenges from criminals and other threats. Apart from security, GMS provides services in the pantry, cleaning, and maintenance. The main aim of the company is to look after the safety of business transactions across the country.

The hospitality industry works on customer satisfaction. The hotel industry is booming and is expected to grow further in the coming years.

When so much of activity is involved in this sector, it’s crucial to provide the best security arrangements to the hospitality industry. Hotels can be prone to terrorist attack as we have witnessed in the past. It is therefore imperative to ensure 100% security at hotels to prevent such threats. Moreover, when lots of tourists flock in a hotel, it is vital to maintain order in the building. For all these challenges hotel authorities require effective security services on their premises.

Gain maintenance and services Pvt. Ltd has the best understanding of security management in the hospitality sector. We provide our services in many hotels in India. GMS has a team of excellent people who are well trained to face the challenges of the hospitality industry.